danica-mcphee-largeDanica has gained extensive experience within the education sector having previously worked at the Ministry of Education in a variety of different roles, over more than 15 years.

Before moving to Maynard Marks, Danica was a Regional Property Adviser in the Ministry’s Auckland Office and managed a portfolio of schools with challenging and complex property requirements. Danica brings to the team a thorough understanding of the context in which both schools and the Ministry operate, and a desire to seek solutions within the limitations that exist for both of these stakeholders.

Her vast experience of dealing with all types of communities has developed excellent communication skills and the ability to articulate complicated or technical detail in a manner that is easily understood by her audience.   Danica is professional in managing difficult conversations and advocating for the best course of action.

As a Qualified Infrastructure Asset Manager, Danica specialises in developing asset management plans/10 Year Property Plans (10YPP) for schools. She was a member of the Ministry’s National Moderation Panel who considers 5YA top up applications from schools right across the country, as well as delivering training to the 10YPP professional consultants.

Danica has delivered presentations on Innovative Learning Environments at training seminars for internal Ministry staff and external property consultants.  She has also provided training seminars for First Time Principals on understanding their roles and responsibilities in the management of the Crowns’ infrastructure assets.

Danica is friendly and promotes collaboration and a supportive team environment where everyone, whether a property professional or not, can add value to the conversation.


  • National Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management.